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Welcome to Our Parish

The parishioners of the Holy Ascension of Christ Orthodox Church invite you to visit us. Please join us in worship during our divine services in Rochester, New York. May the resources on our site aid you in your struggle for salvation. Feel free to contact us, if we can be of assistance. Remember us in your prayers.

Communion - prayers of preparation for holy communion
Contacts - contact information for our bishop, priest and others
Directions - driving directions and a map to our parish
Donation - make a donation to Holy Ascension
Evening - prayers before sleep
Links - a short list of essential liturgical sites
Morning - morning prayers
Ochrid - search lives of saints from the Prologue
Our Parish - a brief explanation of who we are
Paschalion - calulator for finding the dates of Pascha
Photos - parish photographs posted to Picasa Web Albums
Schedule - schedule of services, published monthly
Search - search our site with Google
Service Resources - resources for upcoming services