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1. The Holy and Great Martyr Theodore the Tyro.

'Tyro' means 'Recruit'. No sooner had St Theodore entered the Marmarite regiment of the army in the town of Amasea than a persecution of Christians broke out under the Emperors Maximian and Maximinus. Theodore did not attempt to conceal that he was a Christian, and was brought to trial and imprisoned in a prison that was then locked and sealed. The wicked judge intended him to die of hunger, but the Lord Christ Himself appeared to Theodore in the prison and encouraged His martyr with these words: 'Fear not, Theodore; I am with thee. Take no more earthly food and drink, for thou shalt be in the other life, eternal and unending, with Me in heaven.' Then a multitude of angels appeared in the prison, and the whole place shone with light. The warders on duty saw the angels in white apparel and were filled with fear. Then St Theodore was taken out, tortured and condemned to death. He was thrown into fire, and gave his soul to the most high God. He suffered in 306.

2. Our Holy Fathers Theodosius the Bulgarian and Romanus his pupil.

As a monk, Theodosius settled not far from the town of Tmovo, where he founded a community which became known as 'Theodosius's' after him. He was prominent in the Council in Bulgaria against the Bogomils in 1360. Upholding the Orthodox faith at that Council, he put the Bogomils to shame by his reasoning. He finished his earthly course in Constantinople in 1362. His disciple, Romanus, continued in asceticism in Theodosius's community until his death.

3. St Mariamna (Maria).

The sister of the apostle Philip, she travelled with her brother, and with him preached the, Gospel in Hierapolis and other places. After Philip had died a martyr's death, Mariamna continued her missionary work in Lycaonia, where she died.

From The Prologue From Ochrid by Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich
© 1985 Lazarica Press, Birmingham UK