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1. The Hieromartyr Eutyches.

One of the lesser apostles, born in Sebastopol, he was a disciple and friend of the Apostles John the Theologian and Paul. Although he was not included in the Seventy, he was called an apostle by virtue of having been a disciple of the great apostles, and because he showed true apostolic zeal in the service of the Gospel. Consecrated as a missionary bishop, St Eutyches travelled widely, having an angel as a companion, and he also received heavenly bread from an angel while in prison. When his body was flayed with serrated iron rods, his blood ran down mingled with a sweet myrrh. He was thrown into the flames and before wild beasts, and was finally beheaded with the sword in Sebastopol.

2. The Holy Martyr Tation.

Born in Mantinaeas near Claudioupolis in Bithynia, he suffered under Diocletian. After harsh torture, he was buried alive and thus gave his holy soul into God's hands.

3. The Holy Martyr Syra.

A kinswoman of St Maria (Golinduc - July 12th), she was a Persian, the daughter of an eminent priest of fire-worship. Brought up in paganism, the maiden Syra heard of Christ from some godly Christian woman, and her little heart became inflamed with love for the Lord. In a time of sickness, while still unbaptised, she begged dust from the church of the Christian priest, but he refused to give it to her in her unbaptised state. Then she, with great faith, touched the priest's garments and was healed. This miraculous healing confirmed her yet more fully in the Christian faith. Her soul-less father put her to harsh torture, during which she received encouragement and support from heavenly visions. Cruelly strangled with a cord and then drowned, in 558 at the age of eighteen, in the time of the Persian King Chozroes I, this holy maiden thus gloriously finished her earthly course and entered into the heavenly community of the angels.

4. Our Holy Father Arsenius of Komel.

Born in Moscow of noble parents, he received the monastic habit as a young man in the community of St Sergius of Radonezh. A model monk, he was chosen as abbot, but he yearned for a life of prayerful . solitude and withdrew to the forest of Komel, where he lived in asceticism till his death, fighting courageously with great diabolical temptations. He entered into rest in the Lord in 1550.

5. St George Limniotes (of the Lake).

A confessor and a great ascetic of Olympus, he suffered in about 216, at the age of ninety-five.

In the Greek Great Synaxarion, St Dionysius, Archbishop of Aegina, who died in 1624, is also commemorated. Many miracles have been wrought over his relics.

From The Prologue From Ochrid by Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich
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