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Menaion Services

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Services at Holy Ascension are scheduled every Saturday evening and Sunday morning, and on major feasts and commemorations of the church. These services from the Menaion, translated into English by the late Monk Joseph (Isaac E. Lambertsen), are used throughout the year. Dates are according to the Church (Julian) calendar, which is currently 13 days behind the civil (Gregorian) calendar. Highlighted commemorations will be served in December 2022.

Month of December

icon of December saints

December 1: Holy Prophet Nahum

December 1: St. Philaret the Merciful of Amnia in Asia Minor

December 2: Holy Prophet Habbakuk

December 2: Venerable John, Heraclemon, Andrew and Theophilus of Egypt

December 3: Holy Prophet Zephaniah

December 4: Holy Greatmartyr Barbara & St. John Of Damascus

December 5: St. Sabbas the Sanctified

December 6: Our Father Among The Saints Nicholas, Archbishop Of Myra In Lycia

December 7: St. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan

December 8: St. Patapius of Thebes

December 9: Conception Of The All-Holy Theotokos By Saint Anna

December 9: Commemoration of the Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God Known as "Unexpected Joy"

December 10: Holy Martyrs Menas, Hermogenes and Eugraphus of Alexandria

December 11: Holy Martyr Myrax

December 11: St. Daniel the Stylite of Constantinople

Sunday of the Holy Forefathers

December 12: Venerable Father Spyridon the Wonderworker, Bishop of Tremithus

December 12: St. Herman, Wonderworker Of Alaska

December 13: Commemoration of the Holy Martyrs Eustratius, Auxentius, Eugene, Mardarius and Orestes

December 14: Holy Martyrs Thyrsus, Leucius, Philemon & Those With Them

December 15: Holy Hieromartyr Eleutherius

December 15: Our Venerable Father Tryphon Of Pechenga

December 15: Holy Hierarch Stephen the Confessor, Archbishop of Sougdaia

December 16: Holy Prophet Haggai

December 16: Blessed Empress Theophania

December 17: Commemoration Of The Holy Prophet Daniel & Of The Three Holy Youths

December 18: Our Father Among the Saints Modestus, Patriarch of Jerusalem

Sunday before the Nativity of Christ: Commemoration Of The Holy Fathers

December 19: Holy Martyr Boniface

December 20: Forefeast Of The Nativity of Our Lord, God & Savior Jesus Christ & St. John Of Kronstadt

December 20: Forefeast Of The Nativity & Commemoration Of The Holy Hieromartyr Ignatius Of Antioch, The God-Bearer

December 21: Holy Martyr Juliana Of Nicomedia

December 21: Our Father Among the Saints Peter, Metropolitan of Kiev & All Russia

December 22: Greatmartyr Anastasia, The Deliverer From Bondage

December 23: Commemoration Of The 10 Holy Martyrs Of Crete

December 23: Holy Nahum, Equal of the Apostles & Wonder-worker of Okhrid

December 24: Holy Venerable-Martyr Eugenia

December 24: The Order Of The Hours Chanted On The Eve Of The Nativity Of Christ

December 25: Nativity, According To The Flesh, of Our Lord, God & Savior Jesus Christ

December 26: Synaxis Of The All-Holy Theotokos

Sunday after the Nativity of Christ

December 27: Commemoration of the Holy Apostle, Protomartyr and Archdeacon Stephen

December 28: Commemoration Of The Twenty Thousand Martyrs

December 29: Commemoration Of The Fourteen Thousand Infants Slain For Christ's Sake In Bethlehem

December 30: Commemoration Of The Holy Martyr Anysia & The Venerable Zoticus

December 31: Apodosis of the Nativity of Christ