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Menaion Services

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Services at Holy Ascension are scheduled every Saturday evening and Sunday morning, and on major feasts and commemorations of the church. These services from the Menaion, translated into English by the late Monk Joseph (Isaac E. Lambertsen), are used throughout the year. Dates are according to the Church (Julian) calendar, which is currently 13 days behind the civil (Gregorian) calendar.

Month of May

icon of May saints

May 1: Holy Prophet Jeremiah

May 1: Holy Queen Tamara of Georgia

May 1: Holy Martyred Monks Euphemius, Ignatius & Acacius

May 2: St. Athanasius the Great, Patriarch of Alexandria

May 2: Right-believing King Boris, Equal of the Apostles, Enlightener of the Bulgarians

May 3: Holy Martyrs Timothy & Maura

May 3: Venerable Father Theodosius, Abbot of the Monastery of the Caves

May 4: Holy Martyred Nun Pelagia

May 5: Holy & Glorious Martyr Irene

May 6: Holy & Righteous Job the Much-suffering

May 7: Commemoration of the Appearance of the Sign of the Precious Cross

May 7: Venerable Father Nilus, Wonderworker of Sora

May 8: Holy & All-praised Apostle & Evangelist John the Theologian & Venerable Father Arsenius

May 9: Holy Prophet Isaiah & Holy Martyr Christopher

May 9: Translation of the Relics of St Nicholas from Myra to Bari in Italy

May 9: Apparition of the Holy Archangel Michael on Mount Garganus, in Apulia of Italy

May 10: Holy Apostle Simon the Zealot

May 10: Venerable Mother Isidora of Tabenna

May 11: Commemoration of the Holy Hieromartyr Mocius

May 11: Holy Methodius & Cyril, Equals of the Apostles

May 11: Holy Hieromartyr Joseph, Metropolitan of Astrakhan

May 12: Saints Epiphanius, Bishop of Cyprus, & Germanus, Patriarch of Constantinople

May 13: Holy Martyr Glyceria

May 14: Holy Martyr Isidore of the Island of Chios

May 15: Venerable Father Pachomius the Great

May 16: Venerable Father Theodore the Sanctified

May 17: Holy Apostle Andronicus

May 18: Holy Martyr Theodotus of Ancyra & the Seven Holy Virgins

May 19: Holy Hieromartyr Patrick of Prussa & His Companions

May 20: Holy Martyr Thalalæus

May 21: Holy Equals of the Apostles Emperor Constantine & Empress Helena

May 22: Holy Martyr Basiliscus

May 23: Venerable Father Michael the Confessor, Bishop of Synada

May 24: Venerable Father Symeon of the Wondrous Mountain

May 25: Commemoration of the Third Finding of the Precious Head of the Holy Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist John

May 26: Holy Apostle Carpus

May 27: Holy Hieromartyr Therapon

May 27: Righteous Confessor John the Russian

May 28: St. Nicetas, Bishop of Chalcedon, and His Brother, the Priest Ignatius

May 29: Holy Martyred Virgin Theodosia

May 30: Venerable Father Isaacius of the Monastery of Dalmatus

May 31: Holy Martyr Hermias