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The 26th Day of the Month of May

Commemoration of the Holy Apostle Carpus, One of the Seventy Apostles

At Vespers

On “Lord, I have cried…”, these stichera, in Tone I, Special Melody: “O most lauded apostles…”

Making thy mind divine with pleasing effulgence, thou wast enlightened, O thou who art most rich, didst go forth to preach Christ and didst teach the people to worship Him as the One Who loveth mankind. And now, do thou make supplication, that He grant unto our souls peace and great mercy.

Revealed as an all-radiant star, with divine splendors and doctrines thou dost ever illumine the ends of the whole world, O blessed one, and by grace dost dispel the gloom of affliction from everyone. And now, do thou make supplication, that He grant unto our souls peace and great mercy.

Making the perfect and unbloody sacrifice unto God, thou wast slain for Him, O martyr, and didst offer thyself upon the noetic altar as a sacrifice of sweet savor, O Apostle Carpus who art most rich. And now, do thou make supplication, that He grant unto our souls peace and great mercy.

Glory…, Now and ever…, from the Pentecostarion, or this Theotokion, in the same tone & melody

O most hymned Mistress, thou hope and confirmation of the faithful, refuge and help, we beseech thee: from all misfortune preserve thy servants who worship thine Offspring with faith. Him do thou entreat, that He grant unto our souls peace and great mercy.


When the unblemished ewe-lamb and Mistress beheld her Lamb upon the Cross, having neither form nor beauty, she said, lamenting: “Woe is me! Whither hath Thy beauty gone, O Thou Who art most sweet? Where is thy majesty? Where the shining grace of Thine image, O my Son most beloved?”

Troparion, in Tone III

O holy Apostle Carpus, entreat the merciful God, that He grant unto our souls remission of transgressions.

At Matins

Canon of the apostle, the acrostic whereof is: “With divine love I praise the glorious Carpus”, the composition of Joseph, in Tone IV

Ode I

Irmos: I shall sing to Thee, O Lord my God; for Thou didst lead Thy people forth from the bondage of Egypt, and didst overwhelm the chariots of Pharaoh and his might.

By thy supplications, O apostle, fill with divine light those who celebrate thy luminous and sacred, glorious and most honored memory with love.

Relying wholly upon the Master, thou didst keep His precious laws intact, and didst teach good laws to the iniquitous, O apostle.

Having loved the transcendent Mind in mystic vision and been illumined in mind, O most blessed and sacred one, thou wast shown to be a secondary luminary.

Theotokion: O Virgin who gavest birth ineffably, thou hast restored the laws of nature; wherefore, we call thee blessed, O Mary Bride of God.


Irmos: The bow of the mighty is become weak, and the strengthless have girded themselves with power; wherefore, my heart is established in the Lord.

Thou wast a harp struck by the Spirit, O most blessed one, and thy tongue was divinely moved, proclaiming the mighty acts of our Savior and God.

Having the all-unoriginate Word guiding thee and manifestly strengthening thee, O Carpus, thou didst show forth to the ungodly the ways of salvation.

O glorious Carpus, proclaiming the preaching of salvation to creation as a God-pleasing holy hierarch, thou didst endure much persecution and tribulation.

Theotokion: O Theotokos, unto Him Who shone forth from the Father before time began didst thou ineffably give birth as a little babe. Wherefore, we glorify thee.

Sessional hymn, in Tone III, Special Melody: “Of the divine Faith…”

Receiving the divine effulgence of the Comforter, O all-wise Carpus, thou didst illumine those benighted by ignorance; and having passed over to the kingdom on high, thou standest before the King of all, ever entreating Christ God, that He grant us great mercy.

Glory…, Now and ever…, from the Pentecostarion, or this Theotokion

Though He became flesh in thy womb, He was not separated from the divine Essence: He remained God, though He became man, the one Lord Who, even after thou gavest birth, preserved thee an immaculate Virgin, as thou wast before giving birth. Him do thou earnestly entreat, that He grant us great mercy.


The unblemished ewe-lamb of the Word, the incorrupt Virgin Mother, beholding Him Who sprang forth from her without pain suspended upon the Cross, cried out, maternally lamenting: “Woe is me, O my Child! How is it that Thou sufferest of Thine own will, desiring to deliver man from the indignity of the passions?”

Ode IV

Irmos: Out of love for Thine image Thou didst stand affixed to the Cross, O Compassionate One, and the nations melted away; for Thou art my strength and boast, O Thou Who lovest mankind.

Setting the multitude of the faithful like stones, thou didst make them temples of the Holy Spirit on the rock of piety, O divinely wise apostle.

Making them new through baptism, thou didst save men who had grown old through corrupt morals, O divinely blessed one, and they glorify Christ our God.

Revealing the mystery of Him Who hath covered the heavens with virtue, O divinely wise one, thou didst draw the nations to understand Him, driving away the darkness.

Theotokion: O Theotokos and Maiden, the God-bearer noetically beheld thee as the great and overshadowed mountain from whence our God hath come in the flesh.

Ode V

Irmos: Send down upon us Thine enlightenment, O Lord, and free us from the gloom of transgressions, O Good One, granting us Thy peace.

As an excellent orchard-keeper, thou hast shown man the Tree of life, eating of which he shall live forever, O apostle, preacher of Christ.

As an apostle and preacher to the nations, an honored teacher and initiate of the mysteries, sacred in discourse, O Carpus, thou standest before the Master in gladness.

Like a never-waning star thou hast come from the East, shedding light upon the whole world with the rays of thy words and illumining it with sacred images, O hierarch and apostle.

Theotokion: Wash away now the defilement of my soul and body, O blessed one, with thy merciful gaze, that I may hymn and magnify thee as is meet, O most hymned one.

Ode VI

Irmos: Prefiguring Thy three-day burial, the Prophet Jonah, praying within the sea monster, cried out: Deliver me from corruption, O Jesus, King of hosts!

Through divine grace the shrine of thy relics poureth forth torrents of healings upon those in need, O holy hierarch; it taketh away sufferings and drowneth unclean spirits.

Thy discourse and the great revelation of thy miracles, delivering men from irrationality, O glorious Carpus, have guided the lost to piety.

Enlivened by divine power, O apostle, destroying the serpent who uttered blasphemy against the Most High, thou hast saved those devoured by him.

Theotokion: O most immaculate one, without pain thou gavest birth to the Creator Who taketh away our pain and toil and granteth mankind the food which entaileth no toil.

Kontakion, in Tone IV, Special Melody: “Thou hast appeared…”

Illumined by the great outpouring of thy miracles, the Church hath ever acquired thee as an all-radiant star, O Apostle Carpus. Save those who honor thy memory with faith.


Irmos: Once, in Babylon, the children of Abraham trampled upon the flame of the furnace, crying aloud in hymns: O God of our fathers, blessed art Thou!

Dispelling sickness by thy proclamation, healing sufferings by the sign of the Cross alone, thou didst announce the preaching of salvation, O Carpus, initiate of the mysteries, illumining those in darkness.

In nowise afraid of the princes of wrath, thou didst courageously dedicate thyself to the suffering of painful labors, crying: O God of our fathers, blessed art Thou!

Berœa hath set thee forth as a divine enlightener illumined by the Lord, O Carpus, excellently illumining it with divine visitations.

Theotokion: As one more spacious than the heavens, O Virgin, thou didst receive in thy womb the infinite Word Who delivereth the human race from all confinement.


Irmos: Christ our God, Who was nailed to the Cross in the flesh and revealed it to us as a sword of salvation, O ye children, exalt supremely forever!

Ministering unto the wise Paul, thy guide in divine journeys, O holy hierarch, thou didst impart the doctrines of salvation unto all the saved.

Thou wast shown to be a radiant dawn illumining the whole world with light, O right wondrous one, and as a herald thou hast driven away the profound darkness of ignorance.

Working miracles through the invocation of the Father, the Spirit and the incarnate Word, O wise one, thou didst convince the wise Greeks to worship the Essence in three Hypostases.

Theotokion: O Theotokos, thou hast been shown to be a heaven who hath shone forth upon us the Sun of righteousness, illumining us all to understand divine knowledge.

Ode IX

Irmos: Thy birthgiving was shown to be incorrupt: God came forth from thy womb, appeared on earth as a mortal, and dwelt with men. Wherefore, we all magnify thee as the Theotokos.

Seeing God ascending into the highest in the flesh with glory, O Carpus, thou wast numbered among the seven disciples and didst depart with them, showing thyself to be a divine preacher.

Thou wast sent like a lamb among wolves, O Carpus, turning them to an understanding of salvation by the word of truth, and transforming their character to piety, O divinely eloquent one.

Thou wast shown to be a conversor with the angels, the apostles and the martyrs, who reposed wondrously in piety, O divinely eloquent Apostle Carpus. And joining chorus in gladness with them, be thou mindful of us.

Treading the earth, O Carpus, thou didst sanctify it, didst proclaim the Holy Gospel with faith, and didst lead souls to the life-bestowing Word. Wherefore, He giveth thee a heavenly inheritance.

Theotokion: We offer unto thee the cry of Gabriel, O Virgin, crying out: Rejoice, O light cloud! Rejoice, O unploughed earth who produceth the beautiful Grain, the Nurturer of all creation!

The Menaion of the Orthodox Church © Isaac E. Lambertsen