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Menaion Services

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Services at Holy Ascension are scheduled every Saturday evening and Sunday morning, and on major feasts and commemorations of the church. These services from the Menaion, translated into English by the late Monk Joseph (Isaac E. Lambertsen), are used throughout the year. Dates are according to the Church (Julian) calendar, which is currently 13 days behind the civil (Gregorian) calendar. Highlighted commemorations will be served in November 2022.

Month of November

icon of November saints

November 1: Holy Cosmas & Damian, Wonder-Workers & Unmercenary Physicians In Asia

Sunday After November 1: Synaxis Of All The Holy Unmercenary Physicians

November 2: Holy Martyrs Acindynus, Pegasius, Aphthonius, Elpidephorus & Anempodistus

November 3: Martyrs Acepsimus the Bishop, etc. & Dedication of the Church of the Holy Great Martyr George

November 4: Venerable Father Joannicius The Great & Holy Hieromartyr Nicander

November 5: Commemoration of the Holy Martyrs Galacteon and Epistemis

November 6: St. Paul The Confessor, Archbishop Of Constantinople

November 7: 33 Martyrs In Melitene and venerable father Lazarus the Wonderworker

November 8: Synaxis of the Archangel Michael

November 9: Holy Martyrs Onesiphorus and Porphyrius of Ephesus

November 9: Wonder-working Athonite Icon Known as "She Who is Quick to Hear"

November 10: Holy Apostles Erastus, Olympus, Rodion, and those with them

November 11: Holy Martyrs Minas, Victor & Vincent

November 12: St. John, Patriarch Of Alexandria, The Almsgiver & Venerable Father Nilus

November 13: St. John Chrysostom, Archbishop Of Constantinople

November 14: Holy and Glorious Apostle Philip

November 14: St. Gregory Palamas, Archbishop of Thessalonica

November 15: Holy Martyrs & Confessors Gurias, Samonas & Habib

November 16: Holy Apostle & Evangelist Matthew

November 17: Gregory the Wonderworker, Bishop of Neocæsarea

November 18: Holy Martyrs Plato & Romanus

November 19: Prophet Obadiah & Holy Martyr Barlaam of Cæsarea in Cappadocia

November 20: Forefeast Of The Entrance Of The All-Holy Theotokos Into The Temple

November 21: Entry Of Our All-Holy Mistress, The Theotokos & Ever-Virgin Mary, Into The Temple

November 22: Commemoration Of The Holy Apostle Philemon

November 23: Holy Hierarch and Wonderworker Metrophanes (in Schema Macarius), First Bishop of Voronezh

November 23: Our Fathers Among The Saints, Amphilochius, Bishop Of Iconium

November 24: Holy Great Martyr Catherine of Alexandria & Holy Great Martyr Mercurius of Cæsarea in Cappadocia

November 25: Apodosis Of The Entry Of The Theotokos Into The Temple

November 25: Holy Equal of the Apostles Clement, Archbishop of Okhrid, Enlightener of the Slavs & Wonderworker of Bulgaria

November 26: Venerable Father Alypius the Stylite of Adrianopolis

November 26: Saint Innocent, Bishop of Irkutsk, the Wonderworker

November 27: Holy Greatmartyr James The Persian

November 27: Finding of the Wonder-working Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos Known as the Kursk-Root Icon of the Sign

November 28: Holy Venerable-Martyr Stephen the New & Holy Martyr Irenarchus

November 29: Holy Martyr Paramon & Venerable Acacius

November 30: Holy And All-Praised Apostle Andrew, the First-Called